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Fennel Essential Oil



Foeniculum Vulgare, or more commonly known as fennel, is a flowering plant in the carrot family. While indigenous to the shores of Mediterranean Sea, it has become widely naturalized around many parts of the world. In Australia, it is very commonly found along roadside and in gardens.

Whilst some considered it as a weed, fennel has many beneficial properties in the form of essential oil. The Fennel Essential Oil is steam distilled from fennel plants’ crushed seeds. With its rich aroma, Fennel Essential Oil can be used to refresh the taste of air with only a few drops.


  • It has an aromatic scent that can refresh rooms
  • It has renowned properties for cleansing the skin.
  • Ideal for acne-prone skin.
  • Can be used as a natural antiseptic.
  • Helps with respiratory problems.


How to use


Six to eight drops of fennel essential oil can be added to a diffuser to create a comforting aroma


Inhale directly from the bottle can help you reduce stress and boost focuses at work.


Mix a few drops of fennel essential oil with carrier oil to apply for massages

Topical Application

Mix one drop of Tea tree essential oil to a 5 ml choice of carrier oil and apply it on chest, wrist or back of the neck.

Boost Digestion

Taking fennel essential oil internally can help with countering sluggishness and bloating of your digestive system. Simply add a few drops to water or beverage of your choice.


Trans anethole, Fenchone, Alpha-pinene, Alpha phellandrene


  • Possible skin sensitivity.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes, inner ears and other sensitive areas.
  • If you are pregnant, or a nursing mother, consult a physician.


Bergamot, Cypress, Fir, Eucalyptus Globulus, Ginger, Grapefruit Pink, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Marjoram, Niaouli, Pine, Rose, Rosemary, Tangerine.

Country of Origin

Spain / Madagascar




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